My artistic practice converges around alternative photographic processes and darkroom techniques, I often use these methods as a starting point to build my concepts and express my perceptions.

I am interested in the photosensitivity of materials, in making materials photosensitive and in combining different techniques and approaches through experimentation.

When the flatness of the image rediscovers its materiality it draws attention to itself.

The contact between the object and the image and between the artist and the artwork is essential; a physical interaction happens amongst all the parts involved in the process.

I am interested in the relations between the most basic elements of photography: Light, chemicals and photosensitive materials.

I’m deeply fascinated by the way light affects different surfaces and its consequences.

Amongst my camera works my curiosity is often directed towards natural and artificial light paths and how the environment responds and changes according to it.

Exiting are the endless possibilities that alternative processes and light experimentations open. They are accessible and stimulating, and able to be reinvented and adapted to modernity.
Because of my digital background the process of the creation of the artwork is usually based on the interweaving between digital technologies and old traditional techniques, where the image is obtained thanks to digital apparatus and brought into being with analogue processes.
My work about the human body was born this way.

My interest in the human body began by looking at anatomical studies and paintings done during the Renaissance by Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. It led me to the exploration of microscopic anatomy in relation with traumas and injuries. I am extremely fascinated by the process of healing of wounds and bones, the bone itself and its materiality. Aging, time and decay are themes I frequently refer to when working on my projects.

This curiosity brought me to the enterprise of medical art and the intriguing, multifaceted and fascinating relationship between art and science. Since then I’ve been interested in experimenting with such images and alternative processes, merging together the scientific and the emphatic, the organic forms and the digital features, the aesthetic of skin and the stiffness and inflexibility of the scientific appearance.