I am an italian artist born in Florence in 1993.
Art entered my life when I started looking at Renaissance art and Classical paintings; the city I was born in strongly shaped my understanding and perception of beauty and proportion, it also sparked my interest in the human body and its anatomy.
Wandering and exploring made me a photography enthusiast.  In 2012 I moved to London where I started working as a photographer.
Since starting my Photography degree at the London College of Communication in 2013 my curiosity has been redirected towards analogue photography and alternative photographic processes.From that point, despite still being both a film and digital photographer, my practice has been mainly focused on experimentation with photosensitive material, emulsions and human micro and macro anatomy.
In 2016 I curated my first photography exhibition titled "Touching a Photograph", along with workshops, focused on the handmade in photography, alternative processes and darkroom techniques.