Shaping Light
Photography Group Exhibition

Artists exhibiting:  Charlotte Thömmes, Chloe Obermeyer, David Pereira, Evy Cohen, Marguerite Thomas, Melanie King, Mariëtte Kotzé, M. Apparition, René Schäffer, Almudena Romero, Bronnii Cross.


Light is the medium; it all starts from there.

Can we control light?
Can we mould it as we please?
Is light the beginning and the end of photography?

Is photography an art, a science or a craft, all of them or neither of them?


Artists in this exhibition are deconstructing their photographic practice and breaking down photography’s essentials, exploring pre-digital photographic processes with a fresh enthusiasm in experimentation.

The photographer investigates the relation between the presence of the image on a surface and its disintegration and fragmentation, he takes advantage of bacteria, chemicals, external agents and the complexity of light itself to explore the concept of disappearance and precariousness of photography.

The photograph is distorted, transmuted, reinvented, light is the medium that defines the duality between destruction and creation, transience and permanence.