Light is the medium; it all starts from there.
Can we control light?
Can we mould it as we please?
Is light the beginning of all arts?

Light and shade visually define objects in space; they rely on each other the same way we rely on them. The acquisition of light and its channelling allow us to shape the space around us. In its purest form, photography is a combination of few basic ingredients: light and a mean to record it.

Avant-garde photographers abandoned cameras and placed objects between the light source and the photographic paper, today, artists are experiencing a renewed interest in having physical control over every phase of the creation process.
These artists are deconstructing their photographic practice and breaking down photography’s essentials, exploring pre-digital photographic processes with a fresh enthusiasm in experimentation.

Shaping light is an exhibition that challenges the two-dimensional feature of the photographic image, it adds and removes layers, it fragmentizes them and emphasizes their breakable nature.
Shaping light
means simplifying, conceiving photography as an experience, a process and a performance, the outcome is the result of human actions and an active interaction with material. The artist generates lines, unpredictable figures and traces, he outlines the border between abstraction and surrealism, technique and artistry; the relationship between black and white has been shaken up and reassembled. 

The photographic material is rough, liquid and dusty, it has got a metallic taste and a pungent smell. The artist does not necessarily aspire to perfection but rather celebrates the unexpected.

Photography is constant experimentation, capturing light to build, deconstruct, analyse, reinvent.


Call for artists working in the darkroom, experimenting with alternative photographic processes and unusual materials, getting their hands dirty in the process of capturing and moulding light.

If interested, please submit a PDF to with:
Up to two Projects, Title, Description, Dimension, Technique, Short Bio.

Deadline: 30 September

Application is free.
Artists selected are required to cover shipping costs of their work.

Curated by
Chiara Salvi