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Something About Me

My name is Chiara! I am a Social Media Manager and Consultant, get in touch for a free consultation

After graduating at the University of the Arts London I embarked on journey in the social media industry. I founded a platform and community on Alternative Photography that is currently the most followed page in the world in its niche. 
I closely monitor all the updates and evolutions of platforms in order to to provide my clients with the most effective state of the art strategies and tools to grow.

I manage social media platforms for small businesses, from content creation and communication strategy to the editorial plan, from community management to performance analysis. And everything in between.

What I do in a nutshell:

Professionalism, precision and availability. But working with me is also fun!

Why should you work with me?


Born and raised in Florence, Italy, I moved to the UK at the age of 18, where I lived, studied and worked for 5 years. I got my honours degree in photography from the London College of Communication and I have explored the world of visual communication ever since. From Italy to Australia I have collaborated with cultural associations, art galleries and museums and met artists all over the world. For some time, I worked as an English and Art lecturer in private schools and universities in Milano. Back in Florence, I worked for an American study abroad company and for the United States Consulate General. I have always covered the role of Social Media Manager and Content Creator with pride throughout my career: it has allowed me to acquire a very broad spectrum of skills. My experiences, complemented by regular courses, made me competent, versatile and goal-oriented professional.

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